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Kirk Facey Photos is a burgeoning catalog of travel & culture visuals captured by media creative, musician, blogger, photographer & videographer Kirk Facey. a London based millennial with interests spanning both affordable and luxury products, places and cultural events, music, and a wide range of creative media. Some of these visuals feature in Kirk's Journal, but this site serves a repository of media at your viewing pleasure with the option to own or gift related products for yourself or to someone special. This site also seeks to inspire all who visit to get out there & see the sights of our majestic planet 1st hand. 

A Note To My visitors

To all visitors and viewers - the below does not affect my editorial content- I only work with brands & organisations I believe in, and think you will appreciate. I never put money before your best interests, but please remember I do need to make a living and pay for the upkeep of Kirk's Journal, Kirk.Life & of course

​​Why Kirk Facey Photos?

Why you should advertise on Kirk Facey Photos? Because this site features images produced with a wide range of basic and advanced equipment, perhaps with the products available via your very outlet. These images showcase and advocate the capturing of special moments seen through human eyes made timeless via technology to be shared with the world. If your brand supports this principle of photography & Videography with an individuality in it's products designs that speaks to photography & videography enthusiasts both amateur & advanced then get in touch! 

Sponsored Posts

Kirk Facey Photos is open to sponsored posts- providing the content will be appreciated by my viewers. Sponsored Posts will be clearly marked ‘In partnership with’. I do not offer paid for SEO linking posts.

Unique Partnership

As a progressive & interested entity Kirk Facey Photo's is always open to creative ideas and suggestions- I'm happy to assist in or help develop campaigns for launches, start-ups or one-off events  


Kirk Facey Photos on occasion incorporates affiliate links which pay me (kirk) a small percentage every time you buy something, via a link on Kirk Facey Photos. I only link to brands & products that are appropriate, and never do so solely for financial gain.

Banner Advertising Campaigns

Please get in touch for details about both UK and Rest of the World advertising campaigns. 

Contact Me

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